Selling Your Business

Whether you have decided you are ready to sell or are simply weighing your options we are here to help. We will start with a comprehensive consultation to understand your goals and desired outcome. From there we will prepare a comprehensive evaluation of your business complete with an estimate of your sale proceeds. Next we will cover from A-Z what to expect and our strategy to make it seamless and painless for you.

Business Meeting

buying a business


Whether you are an experienced buyer or this is your first business purchase, we are here to assist. We will start with an initial consultation to understand what your goals are, what you are looking for, and the financial foundation you are working with. From there we will search our extensive inventory of businesses, as well as reach out to our network of potential sellers to find the perfect investment for you.


the partners

Meet Reza & Beth Lashkari. We are a husband and wife team who come from a family of entrepreneurs and have owned many businesses ourselves. We have a passion for helping others grow and achieve their professional goals. We are passionate about innovative marketing and going above and beyond to not only get the results our clients deserve, but to provide a world class customer experience.

Business Meeting